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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Memorization Update

Carol Muske-Dukes has an article at the Wall Street Journal blog on the pleasures of memorizing poetry. One of her main points is that when you memorize a poem, it comes alive for you, and you own it.

This is a reminder to me to post an update on my memorization project. Since I began last month, I have memorized 8 poems, and am on my 9th, having recently finished learning Edward Hirsch's "Self-portrait," and begun Albert Goldbarth's "Human Beauty" (which has a nice snow image, perfect for the season, except it is balmy for winter here). I haven't memorized any long poems yet, but am still enjoying learning short evocative pieces by heart, placing them my heart and mind.

This is an enjoyable project. I recommend it to anyone even slightly interested.

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