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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Interview / Review / Woo-hoo!

Two bits of self-promotion.

1) Donna Vorreyer, at Put Words Together. Make Meaning., has included me in her charming series in which she gives poets fill-in-the-blank sentences to complete (a la Mad Libs). Donna's questions are quirkier (and hence more revealing) than other interviews you'll read. Check out her entire series, in which each poet gets a different set of unusual sentences to complete.

2) Joshua Hjalmer Lind, editor of Hartskill Review, reviewed Mendeleev's Mandala for the Fall 2015 issue. He called me (via my work) "as playful and devastating as John Donne."

Wow. Just wow. I never expected that comparison, one I'm not worthy of . Wow.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rocking the BOAAT

Thanks to Sean Shearer and Zack Strait at BOAAT for featuring my poem "Summer's End" in their September/October 2015 Issue. So thrilled to be in an an issue with Dorianne Laux, Austin Smith, Joshua Rivkin, Lauren Bylenok, Daniel Smith, Marcus Slease, Bethany Startin, Chelsey Weber-Smith, Triin Paja, Will Sandberg, Jeffrey Hecker, and more.

I love BOAAT!