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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cento Absento

A year and a half ago I wrote a blog post about the cento form. I tried it out myself, and forgot about it till today when I came across my effort in a pile of old poems. It's below (all 100 lines, followed by the sources of the lines). I had some fun with weaving enjambments between the lines of disparate poets. Hope you enjoy it. (Apologies for some formatting problems.) (Also, I sometimes messed with the punctuation of the original lines, for my own devious purposes.)

Cento Absento

I am a figure in a logic problem                                                         
gone wild with error,
such as tipping the future a little too far forward or             
the air has found something of itself to regret.                                  

Every microcosm needs its crow.                                          
The mind is a tiny island you’ve washed up on.                                
Everything has to be reimagined each sunrise—                               
a landscape, and a person walking in that landscape.                        

Be courageous when the mind deceives you, be                               
made of my womb's long-playing record. Listen to                          
the hammer's shadow in the shadow of a hand,                                
no larger than a bird coffin.                                                             

One finds what he wants, so he steps to the edge, drops,                 
or, defying physics through ceremony,                                              
will simply be the cessation of asking, a thousand                            
of someone else's memory: obey gravity.                                          

No map I carry hints at this:                                                              
to float you must float from within,                                                  
smiling inside a twirling of ovals and ellipses                        
inventing pizzicato as they fled the horizon.                                     

Don't you imagine the leaves think how                                            
they mapped with their bodies? We visited                                      
the door closed against the half-lit hall                                              
we always seem to be opening but never ever do.                            

Rain breaks and falls like the mismatched                                         
bones beneath the skin of a hand.                                                      
The lights go on in all the windows but one.                                     
In the best paintings some key figure is always missing. This is the magic   

of a kiss. The world is repeatedly stained,                                         
was a different color for each of us. My shadow                              
accepts the weight of birds                                                                
each morning. Each evening hands them back.                                 

Beauteous forms of substance wild                                       
are saying birds between them. Sun through green leaves like green
rainwater on a piano—I'm so                                                             
surprised at the earth.                                                                         

I know the ocean is glamorous,                                                         
and solstice fish, their eyes gone milky white,                                  
flat lime white, as they flash their semaphores.                                 
I sit in front of what the inevitable will do.                                       

Let's assume about the body:                                                             
for bones moonlight will do.                                                              
The body is the vehicle of a wish.                                                     
I mean I trust what breaks                                                                 

everything. Minus us, nobody offers believable explanations           
where I might gather such a thing as a face,                                      
a line, make it my mouth. I'll name                                                    
a window without a building, an eye.                                               

 Bon    Bone shuddering as though it were bird, rainy                                  
thesis regarding the origin of love, I                                                  
spill over my faint lines and anyone could cross me out.                  
What’s sacred tries itself.       

            I suppose this error will go on & on,                                                  
not torn and built of green, but of a crumbling                     
god, the ten-fingered, sailing out of his house of straw                    
like a boomerang—yes, something you yourself began.        

Something in you believes that it is not the end.                               
Centuries and days are made of the same fiber,                                
joints dovetailed on their own weight,                                              
painted, flying in opposite directions. Silence,                                  

a never air, the lens for being                                                             
that isn't slowly subtracting its ache,                                                 
one length of forgiveness.                                                                  
Is it true the sadder we are, the more things stand still?                   

Take your household gods,                                                                
girdled with the lightening,                                                               
each separated from the next by an unpeopled space.                       
They fight for who gets to keep                                                         
insect wing and squawk. I might as well                                            
so I take out a patent on slow-moving fog.                                       
I empty my shoes and leave them beside the road,                           
colder than Charon, its moon. We're not alone:                                 

here is a doll made from pieces. The pieces hate one another,       
grunt work across the hard curve of absence.                                    
The trick is to make it personal:                                                         
we are together in some birds, who fail.                                            

And the stranger's face hidden in the family picture                         
is a heavy breather that serves its queen slowly,                                
is an impossibility that has its uses—                                                 
uses; uses instead of feelings.                                                

Out of shamelessness something                                                       
polishes itself inside its temple. Ask me to repent                             
where it won't jam machinery,                                                           
tethering tools that loosen at a tug, or ones made of water, wind.    

Sound of a crow, pulling the one nail from its voice,                                    
math of cold inside the bones, a numbness—                                               
our whole body is like a harbor at dawn.                                           
Know this: blue's an illusion. The things that shelter us are colorless and     

between me and the chewing dark.                                                               
In a unit of time, in a violence of sleep,                                             
this waiting is more like waiting than I thought it would be.            
Measuring changes everything.                                                          

Voice is a silence in which now I appear                                           
to drink from the holy water of the retina,                                        
monitoring you as you go.                                                                 
The world has changed. The news will take some time to get here.

If you're wild now but have ever been domestic                               
carry your own chill, separate from the air's.                                     
What instruments we have agree                                                       
that every set has something in common with the ‘empty set.’



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