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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ander's Advent Calendar

Why was it the 23rd of December before I discovered Ander Monson has an online advent calendar? Aaargh (but thanks to Dan Wickett of Dzanc Books for posting about it on Facebook--better late than never). Still, I can enjoy ex post facto the daily December entries:

Like the title page of Albert Goldbarth's MFA thesis.

Or this outline by Monson, which is a companion piece to the outline-instead-of-an essay that I loved form his book Neck Deep and Other Predicaments (Graywolf, 2007).

Or this Example of a Depth Hoar Crystal Collected from the Base of a Snowpit in Wyoming. (Ha, I typed Death Hoar Crystal at first!)

Or Monson's own "The Problem With Memory."

Happy Holidays (and look for the arrow at the bottom of the page to enter the daily entries.)

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