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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Woman's Place

As a woman living outside her own country, I often think about place, placement, displacement. In my case, this obsession often shows up as roof imagery, which there is a lot of in my poetry. Many of the ex-pat or immigrant women I know living in Japan have similar thoughts about place rather frequently.

So today, when I ran across an online journal's call for submissions (prose only though, no poetry) about women and place, I thought I'd mention it to you all. Check it out below if you are interested.

In what ways does being female affect one's sense of place, placement, and/or
(dis)location? We are seeking submissions of prose writing by women, and
strongly encourage you to submit your work for consideration. We are looking for
fiction and nonfiction stories that wrestle explicitly or implicitly with the
question posed above. We prefer submissions to be 3000 words or less, but will
consider longer pieces of exceptional quality. We will not accept submissions of
poetry. A cover letter is not necessary. Please send your submissions to in the following manner: Subject: Title, name of author, word
count. Body: Title again, short bio, and the entire story pasted into the email.
Replace (at) with @ in sending submissions. Submission deadline is July 31,
2011. Attachments will not be opened. We will consider previously published work
if the rights have been returned to you but please make note of where and when
it was originally published.

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