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Thursday, June 9, 2011

End of My Pollster Career

So I am taking down my poll today, even though there are three more days left to vote. There are two reasons for my decision:

1) In the four days my poll has been open, it has only received two votes, one of which was mine! So that means it engaged only one voter really. And this during a week of an all-time-high number of hits to my blog (see reason two below). Either the topic of prompts is not interesting to most people, or my question was badly written, leaving people who wished to vote without an option that represented them. Or maybe people couldn't find the poll in the sidebar to my blog since I couldn't figure out how to embed it in the text of my post.

I'd ask you which it was--I'd take a poll--but given my experience with this poll, that doesn't seem like it would be helpful.

2) The second reason I am taking down the poll is that Blogger has some troubles with polls that get phantom visitors to the blog, hits to the blog that aren't really people. I'm not sure what Blogger is counting, but it isn't really people coming to look at the blog. Some people who post a poll on Blogger actually get tens of thousands of these phantom hits (see this discussion concerning extra views generated by polls), but I actually only got 33. Not enough to invalidate my all-time-high, but enough to skew the data incorrectly. So the poll must go.

For anyone interested, here are the results for the poll.

I asked: What is your favorite kind of writing prompt?
Answers:  Form-driven (1 vote, 50%) - this one was my vote
                Content driven (1 vote, 50%) - thanks to the one kind person who voted on my poll!
                A combination content- and form-driven (0 votes, 0%)
                I like both kinds equally (0 votes, 0%)
                Something else entirely (0 votes, 0%)
                I never use prompts (0 votes, 0%)

I actually only started using prompts recently myself; hence the poll, which failed miserably. Oh well, you can't win them all.

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