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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have a poem in the newest issue of the online literary journal, Arch Literary Journal, out of Washington University in St. Louis. It's called "How to Find a Missing Father in a Town that Isn't There," and believe it or not, it doesn't have the longest poem title in the issue! I'm upstaged by both Karen Rigby's "Love Notes from the Firefly Spanish/English Visual Dictionary" and Tom Daley's "After a Stroke, My Mother Denounces a Nurse in the Rehab Clinic."

I discovered Arch Literary Journal because I ran across some poems by the poet Willie Lin, and was so impressed that I decided to learn more about the poet and her work. That search brought up the fact that Willie Lin is a poetry editor at Arch, and so with the hopes that she would recognize our sensibilities as somewhat kindred, I submitted some poems there, and voila.

Here are a few on Lin's poems online at the Boxcar Poetry Review, another in a later edition of Boxcar, and some in Linebreak, Anti-, and Diagram. Enjoy!

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