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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cellpoems #3 For Me

I have a new poem up at Cellpoems. Of the three short poems I sent them, this was the one I was least certain about personally. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when editor Eric Smith told me this week that this was his favorite of my three.

I like the fact that Cellpoems provides room for a brief explanation concerning the poem on their website, if the poet wants to include one. In this case, I did (I think I did in all three cases, actually.) This poem is an idea that has been haunting me since junior high school. It's high time I exorcised it, don't you think?!. Thanks, Cellpoems, for giving me a venue to do that!

All three of my poems are untitled because I was unclear if the 140-character restriction applied to the title or not. Actually I enjoy titling poems, although for such a short poem, a title can make it seem top-heavy. Although the other poets featured by Cellpoems didn't seem to have any trouble on that front, did they?

Well, live and learn.

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