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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

New Poem at Psaltery & Lyre

 Grateful to have a new poem at Psaltery & Lyre, 'Relief.'  Much thanks to editor Millie Tullis.

Funny story--I have been sending this poem out for a while, and was ready to give up on it when Psaltery & Lyre took a chance on it. Immediately after agreeing to their terms, I received an email saying that this poem was accepted by yet another journal who had been holding onto it for nearly a year. I had withdrawn the poem from them but they had missed that note. However, they had accepted two poems, the other still available, and then asked me to send more as they wanted a pair, so I sent them the only four poems I have available right now (that's a low stockpile for me). They selected another poem from the batch. So, a win all around (except now I'm down to only three poems available--writing not going well for, oh, about a year now).