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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Links to My Interview at Rattlecast

 If you missed my live interview with Tim Green at Rattlecast, you can still watch it recorded at one of these links:

I won't be listening; I find hearing myself kind of horrifying, but you can listen if you'd like, and you can even reassure me that it went well, if you are up for that kind of consoling! 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hybrid Piece at the Los Angeles Review

 I have a new hybrid piece in The Los Angeles Review, called 'The Discovery of Hands.' I'm not going to lie--there's something special to me about this piece. If you have a moment and are up for something a little different, I hope you'll read it. I'm grateful to the editors for giving it a chance. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Rattlecast #63

 Friends, I'll be interviewed by editor Tim Green on Rattlecast #63, the podcast of Rattle Magazine. It will also be broadcast live on YouTube and archived there at It will also livestream on Facebook and Periscope.

The live event is on 10/20 at 9 pm EST. 

And you can download it from wherever you get your podcasts later. 

So, there's that. 


Cumberland River Review Pub! and Pushcart Nom!

 Hey friends, new poem up at Cumberland River Review (out of Trevecca Nazarene University), and they've nominated it for a Pushcart!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Comedy and Poetry

 I have long thought that writing poetry might have as much, if not more, in common with writing jokes than with other forms of creative writing. There is the need for the right word, for the sense of timing and rhythm, and often there's a desire to stick the landing.

Here's a poem I wrote recently called 'Gmail Critiques My Performance as a Daughter' that seems to me like it might have just as easily and as validly been made into a joke. Thanks, One Sentence Poems, for publishing it today.