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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Homes for Long Poems (or Poem Cycles)

Places that accept and/or welcome longer submissions of poetry (long poems, poem cycles, or submissions of many pages of poems or many poems desired):

The New Orleans Review is looking for poetry submissions of 16 - 32 pages for its next print issue

The Beloit Poetry Journal  "Limit your submission to five pages unless you are submitting a long poem (yes, we publish them). "

The Missouri Review  "TMR publishes poetry features only—6 to 14 pages of poems by each of 3 to 5 poets per issue. . . Typically, successful submissions include 8-20 pages of unpublished poetry."

The Alaska Quarterly Review "Poems in traditional and experimental styles but no light verse (up to 20 pages)."

The Virginia Quarterly Review "Poetry: All types and length."

At Length Magazine requests poems longer than seven single-spaced pages (thanks to Mari for the tip on this one)

Michigan Quarterly Review accepts 8 to 12 pages per poetry submission

Sugar House Review up to 5 poems and 15 pages per submission

Long Poem Magazine the name says it all (out of the UK)

Nimrod International Journal Submit "3 to 10 pages."

Artful Dodge "Please send no more than 25 pages of prose or 6 poems, though long poems are encouraged."

Gettysburg Review "...interested in both short and long poems of nearly any length or aesthetic bent."

New England Review "We are looking for long and short poems."

The Seattle Review "publishes, and only publishes, long poems, novellas, and long essays. Poetry submissions of less than ten pages in length, and prose submissions of less than forty pages, will be returned unread."

Prime Number Magazine "poems of any length or style" (according to the CRWOPPS list)

Pedestal Magazine "There are no restrictions on length, theme, or style."

Stanzas Magazine out of Ottawa, "for long poems/sequences, issues appear at random"

Permafrost Magazine  "No length maximums, as we like the idea of publishing something truly epic."

Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer: "Spoke Too Soon features just a few longer poems at a time, and features curated audio and close readings of those poems."

The Cincinnati Review: "Please submit up to 10 manuscript pages at a time."

Eleven Eleven: "For poetry: please limit your submission to five poems or 10 pages, but we’re also open to long poems."

Third Coast: " Please send no more than three poems at a time (with a maximum of ten pages total per submission)."

Tahoma Literary Review: "Long poems are especially welcome. Poems six or more printed pages in length will be compensated at twice our customary payment rate for poems."

Dialogist: "Submit up to five poems of any length."

Iron Horse Literary Review, The (annual) Trifecta Issue"Poets should submit a single poem, 10-20 pages long. Every June, the three winning manuscripts (one of which is poetry) are released individually, as e-singles . . . attractive, four-color, free electronic issues, each with its own chic design."

The Volta: "If you have a long poem, sequence, or poem in series you’d like us to consider, please send a query (no attachments) to: thevoltaeditors |at| gmail |dot| com with “Heir Apparent Query” in the subject heading of your email."

The Coachella Review: "We invite poets to send up to five poems per submission, including all works in a single attachment. There are no restrictions on form or length."

Fruita Pulp: "Please include 2-5 poems per submission, in a single document. We are open to longer submissions (sequence/set, epic, crown of sonnets, etc)… just make note of why it’s important to you to include the larger body of work."

Birdfeast: "Submit up to 8 pages of writing (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, your cat's diary; anything goes) in a pdf, doc, or docx file."

Rappahannock Review: "We accept poems ranging in any length and employing any aesthetic, including free verse, prose poems, and formal poetry. Authors may send up to five poems per submission. Poems may be part of a series."

Cream City Review: "No length restrictions."

Menacing Hedge: Although not stated in their guidelines, browsing past issues shows that they will take suites of poems.

Tenderloin: "tenderloin is a monthly journal that features 5-10 poems by a single author."

Wyvern Lit: "For poetry, we're looking for clusters, for thematic consistency, for suites of poems both within your own submissions and, ultimately, in the whole of what we publish in an issue. We want submissions of three to six poems with a thread that runs through them, with a yarn that weaves a tapestry of them all."

Poetry: "submissions are limited to four poems (1 file), and should not exceed ten pages."

Mudlark: 'issues are the electronic equivalent of print chapbooks'

Hypertrophic Pressup to 10 poems (maximum 5,000 words total)

Porkbelly Press: micro chapbooks -- 8 to 10 pages (multiple short pieces or a one or two long poems)

BOAATYou may submit up to five poems of any length.

Also, check out the list over at Linebreak's blog, The Line Break.

I'll continue updating this list as I find more, so if you are interested, check back occasionally.

If you know of any good homes, please post them in the comments section, or email them to me in the contact section.


Mari said...

Jessica, I've heard At Length accepts longer works:

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Thanks, Mari, I'll add that above!

Unknown said...

It's been a while since you posted this, but it is still really helpful! I stumbled on it by Google search and although I knew some of these publications having them all collected in a list is just fabulous. Thank you!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

You're welcome, Emily. Glad it was helpful.