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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Image Poem Iraq

Friend and poet Mary Bast is co-sponsoring a book project with writer and photographer Joel Preston Smith called Image Poem Iraq.

Below is information from their call for submissions:

Image Poem Iraq is a book projected conceived by Joel Preston Smith, a writer and photograph in Portland, Oregon, and Mary Bast, a poet in Gainesville, Floria. The book will 'match' images taken by Joel Preston Mith in Iraq in 2003 (before and after the U.S. invasion) with poems related to specific images that will appear in the book.

To submit a poem, first view the images in this PDF, and chose one or more to write about. Each poem should be related to the image. Submissions are due on or by September 1, 2013.

Poets can contribute more than one poem, but the project centers on publishing a book in which each poem (or a series of poems by multiple contribtors) is strongly related to one particular image. There are (as of June 1) 14 images to choose from in the PDF.


You can  go directly to to get the PDF and more information yourself.

(Sorry about the wacky formatting in this post. I cut and pasted something and any attempt to reformat it or remove formatting causes the whole program to shut down, so for now we are stuck with this.)



Mary Bast said...

You can now go directly to the Image Poem Iraq web page at

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Great, Mary! I will put this link in the body of my post.