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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Floating Wolf

Recently I learned about Floating Wolf Quarterly, an online journal that publishes two chapbooks each quarter. This quarter's chapbooks are Matthew Zapruder's The Odyssey and Nick Vagnoni's Victual.

Each quarter one chapbook is by an already established poet and one is by an up-and-comer. Past chapbook contributors include some of my favorites, such as Campbell McGrath, Denise Duhamel, Catherine Bowman, and Gabrielle Calvocoressi.

This is a great way to get to know a poet's work in more depth than the one to three poems usually showcased in journals. And it comes with cover artwork, like a real book. Fun artwork too, like pomegranates on a television screen, or beds, all kinds of beds. You can even download these chapbooks to your Kindle.

Especially for people living abroad who have a really difficult time getting access to current poetry without breaking the bank, this is a terrific way to become familiar with poets in order to decide which books to spend our meager poetry budgets on importing.

And what's with poets and wolves anyway? There's Graywolf, Concrete Wolf, Floating Wolf.......

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