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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poll About Prompts

When I want to start a new poem and don't have any ideas at hand, I like to start with form, as I mentioned in my previous post, Vroom Vroom, a Pantoum.

However, I know lots of people like to start with content-based prompts as opposed to form-based prompts.

So I thought I'd take a poll. Since I haven't yet figured out how to create a poll inside a particular post, my poll is on the sidebar of the blog in general. Please vote about your favorite way for generating new poems with prompts.

And for plenty of good prompt ideas, largely content-driven, check out the blog Creative Writing Prompts for Writers.

Please vote! This is my first poll and I'm kind of nervous about it.


Anjie from Creative Wriitng Prompts for Writers said...

Thanks for mentioning my site in a postiive light, Jessica. That was very sweet. I'll tweet about your poll and I hope you get lots of responses. If you would like to be a guest prompter (I'll take any kind of prompt--both form and content kinds), please let me know via WritePrompts (at) gmail. I could link back to your site, etc.
Thanks again!


Jessica Goodfellow said...

Hi Anjie, Thanks for commenting. I've never written a prompt but I will think it over and get in touch with you if I think I can do it. And thanks for tweeting about my poll. It must not be a very interesting topic for most though, because so far I'm the only on who has voted, though plenty of people have been to the blog. Hmmmmmm.