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Monday, April 13, 2015

Winter Tangerine

Thanks to Yasmin Belkhyr and Héloïse Cambonie at Winter Tangerine Review for the review "Five Reasons to Read: Mendeleev's Mandala," which reads, in part, "Human consciousness cannot be reduced to such a simple binary. Mathematics seek out metaphors. Geometry and logic embrace myths. In the end, electrons and angels are more or less the same thing."

This is a close and joyous reading of my book, one which honors my work more than I dared hope for. Thank you!

Also, check out the banner on the review--don't be surprised if you see something similar pop up here next, inspired by their idea at Winter Tangerine Review!

And blog readers, please take time to look at "Five Reasons to Read: Fake Knife," featuring the work of Dalton Day, and also consider entering The Winter Tangerine Awards (honoring new and emerging poetry and prose writers) with guest poetry judge Ocean Vuong! Open through June 1st.

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