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Monday, April 20, 2015

Neat on the Net for Spring

Two great things today.

1. Telephone (the game) for art. Beginning with a single prompt, three artists respond. Multiple artists respond to each of their works, and so forth, and we're off in a branching explosion of art. You can follow threads of responses, or see a map and choose nodes of interest. The best part is the interdisciplinary nature of the game: it includes poets, sculptors, photographer, prose writers, painters, collagists, dancers, filmmakers, embroiderers, etc. (Shout out to poet Pamela Hart, whose work is included.)

2. Upper Rubber Boat features on their blog a summary of Jane Hirshfield's lecture "Question to Ask While Revising a Poem." This is a a helpful checklist from a master.


drew said...

You find the neatest projects! Telephone is awesome. I love this idea, and the results.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

There' a lot of inspiring fun stuff out there, isn't there? This one especially is so great.