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Friday, April 3, 2015


If you are going to AWP this year, please check out the VIDA Awards,  9 April at 19:30 in EDT Skyway Theater, 711 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.

Awards presented include:
• Cheryl Strayed WINNER of the 2015 VIDA Vanguard Award!
• VIDA's Kickass Press Award
• The VIDO Award
• Fiction Awards
• Poetry Awards
• Non-fiction Awards

And there will be dancing!

But also, there will be a sneak preview of the 2015 Motionpoems Season, including movies featuring poems by Stacy Lynn Browne, Jehanne Dubrow, Rebecca Morgan Frank, Catherine Pierce, Megan O'Rourke, Kim Addonizio, and me, among others.

I can't go to AWP or to the Motionpoems Premiere in May, so I'm hoping some of you will go see my poem in film on the big screen and let me know how it went! 

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