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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stalactite Chimes

For a poem, I needed to know if stalactites made any sound in the wind or under any conditions, and searching online for that led me to this site which features stalactite chimes. The site describes the stalactite chimes as follows:

"When they have grown to the right length, shape, and weight, stalactites are able to produce very beautiful tones, when gently hit. These sounds are not only very unique and inspirational, but can touch us emotionally. I was touched in this way when I first heard that sound... 100,000 years to build something that may eventually become a musical instrument, but only if the improbable happens."

This site offers dozens of other natural sounds, drones, soundscapes, etc. For instance there is Himalayan Bowls,  Ice World, Summer Night, Canyon Drone, Temple Bells, White Rain, Bagpipes, and more. Each comes with a bunch of different settings that you can try, and you can also take an easy test to see which tones your ears are failing to hear, then have an adjustement calibrated and saved to correct your own deficiencies, so that you can apply it to any soundscape to hear what you are meant to hear. There is a timer--great for meditating. My husband and I are hooked. Each of us has our computer humming to a different sound, and generally the mix is quite lovely as well. Enjoy!

from Creative Commons, photo by Hans

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