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Friday, April 10, 2015

An Abundance of Support

An abundance of writing community support for Mendeleev's Mandala today!

First, Mendeleev's Mandala was reviewed at Magadalena Ball's The Compulsive Reader  by poet Elvis Alves: "Goodfellow’s work reminds us of Camus’ encouragement to picture Sisyphus smiling as he carried out his punishment." Check out the entire review for Alves's thoughtful connecting of the dots between the poems.

Next, Diane Lockward of Blogalicious has featured Mendeleev's Mandala in her celebratory series for National Poetry Month! This dynamic series has already included women poets such as Jehanne Dubrow and L.L. Barkat. Kudos to Diane for all her service to the poetry community!

And thanks to those who reported back about seeing the Motionpoem based on "Crows, Reckoning" at the VIDA Awards.

So much support so gratefully received.

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