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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quirky Topics

Although I cannot see who checks my blog, I get statistics about what countries people are accessing it from, and which search words lead people to it.

There are some pretty quirky searches that end up here at Axis of Abraxas, many of them by people looking for poems on certain unusual topics. Here are a few that you might consider writing a poem about, if you don't have one already, because I can guarantee there is at least a small audience out there looking for such a piece:

thyroid poems
23-lb. turkey poems
poems on matryoshka dolls
mallard duck poetry
Japan disaster/Fukushima disaster poems
poems about ditching (this one comes up a lot, and I'm not sure what it means; I hope it isn't offensive.)

So there you go, some suggested topics with a ready-made audience.

It's Thanksgiving at our house today, so I am off to work on our bird. Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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