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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Erasure Links

Here are some of the links I provided for my Japan Writers Conference presentation on erasure. It might be useful to someone.

A.    A Humument by Tom Phillips 

B.     Wave Poetry (publisher of Mary Ruefle, and home of erasure software)

C.     Mary Ruefle’s “The Mansion”

D.    Mary Ruefle’s “Marie”

E.      video from Free Verse: Erasure Poetry Festival:

F.    The Found Poetry Review

G.    Filter Literary Review

H.       One Drawing of Every Page of Moby-Dick, blog of Matt Kish, artist with a book of a similar title forthcoming from Tin House Books

I.       Copyright Term and Public Domain in the United States (Cornell University, as of January 2011)

J.    Public domain books online:,

K.     Collaborative erasures:

                    L. Use of government documents:


Leslie Jam said...

So frightened that I thought of 'Erasure' the 1980's band when I read this.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Love it, Les! You are nothing if not consistent!