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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make Way for Creativity

Justine Musk at her own blog has a post today entitled "10 Reasons Why Pursuing Your Creative Work is Actually Highly Productive ( + Not Selfish or Self-Indulgent)".

Here are a few of the reasons that I had not thought about before:

1) Carving time from your regular, ‘productive’ life to pursue a hobby or project that you’re passionate about means that you increase your chances of being in flow. (Go to Justine's blog to have this concept explained to you. She has a related post on giving yourself permission to pursue your creative projects as a way of garnering extra energy, rather than zapping your resources.)

2. Your happiness and well-being are contagious.

3. You are less likely to tolerate other people’s bullshit when your self-esteem DOES NOT DEPEND on their acceptance or approval.

There are seven other good reasons with explanations as well at Musk's website.

If you are feeling guilty about wanting to use time to be creative instead of "productive," link on over there and have your head turned around.

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