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Monday, November 28, 2011

No Tell Tells

It's time once again for the blog No Tell's annual list of the best poetry books of the year. It's becoming a tradition for No Tell to ask various poets for their personal favorites and to post them for all to see.

I always enjoy finding out the picks of poets I  happen to like. In this way, I've stumbled upon many new names and more than a few exciting books.

Today Gary McDowell is featured, and as I admire his work hugely, I'm taking note of some poets on his list that I haven't read but will want to right away, such as David Dodd Lee, Amy Newman, and Zach Savich. (Happily just this morning I ordered David Bottoms' We Almost Disappear, which made McDowell's list.)

If the past few years have established a pattern, No Tell will post new lists by poets daily for about a month or so, so keep up if you want to know who's reading what to get some ideas of your own.

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