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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Publication Opps

Two great publication opportunities:

1) 2015 PATRICIA DOBLER POETRY AWARD. For women writers over 40 who have not published a full-length book of poetry, fiction, or non-fiction (chapbooks excluded). Primary judge: Jan Beatty; final judge: Lynn Emanuel. One prize of $1000; publication in Voices from the Attic; round-trip travel, lodging, a reading at Carlow University with the final judge. Postmark deadline September 5. $20 fee per 2-poem entry. For complete guidelines:

(This info borrowed from CRWOPPS.)

2) Threwline Books, affiliated with the Hartskill Review and editor Joshua Hjalmer Lind, has this call out for book-length poetry manuscripts:

Please submit a manuscript in one file with between 55-90 pages. ThrewLine favors poetry that is complex and innovative enough to be interesting…but just grounded enough not to be off-puttingly experimental. Imagine Emily Dickinson wrote a letter to Wallace Stevens and, although parts of it were lost or illegible, he carefully explained thirteen ways of understanding what it meant to him.
Selections will be made by Joshua Hjalmer Lind, editor of Hartskill Review.

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