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Friday, June 5, 2015

Leave it to Cleaver (Magazine)

Rainy season is going to start any day now here in Japan, and as you know, when it rains it pours. It's been an amazing week, with new PR for Mendeleev's Mandala every day.

Today it's a review by Camille E. Davis at Cleaver Magazine. Here's a bit of what Davis has to say:

"Goodfellow uses her poetic form in order to undermine the idea that there are distinct divisions between poetry and mathematics when the reader has learned them in tandem."

and " it is the form that collides numbers and words in the most experimental and enchanting way."

and "To quote it as a clipped form in this essay would be like snipping the bottom off of a Rothko. The poem achieves wide-eyed astonishment of the world so starkly reimagined within it."

and "when she is most in her element, giving old conceptions a new rhythm to run on, she pushes this new form to open it up to all of the possibilities that it might achieve."

Go read the whole thing! Thanks, Camille E. Davis, for such a close and thoughtful reading of my book!

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