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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mendeleev Blotted

New review of Mendeleev's Mandala at Blotterature Literary Review. Blotterature's aesthetic is based on "merging the art of fancy talk with blue collar sensibilities," and Elizabeth Mobley catches this in her review. This collection, she says, "plays with form and content so much so that one reading of the text cannot possibly uncover all of the collection’s secrets."

After carefully considering a number of the poems, Mobley asserts, "We begin to question, not just words and meanings, but numbers, thought processes, and we carefully calculate the limits we have placed on communication."

And her ending statement is that "The philosophical to the simplistic, religious to spiritual, lovers of language to lovers of science and mathematics can all appreciate these poems from Mayapple Press."

Yay! Thanks to publisher Julie Demoff Larson and to reviewer Elizabeth Mobley. Tomorrow they will run an interview with me, and I'll link to it here.

Thanks, all!

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