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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Puzzle Me This

I just love little puzzles like the following one my dad sent me the other day:


It takes a few seconds for your brain to recognize that the numbers almost "resemble" letters they represent.----Hope your brain can pick up on it.

If you can read this you have a 'strong and healthy' brain: 7H15 M3554G3 53RV35 7O PR0V3 H0W 0UR BR41N C4N D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5! 1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5!

1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG 17 WA5 H4RD; BU7 N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3, Y0UR BR41N 1S R34D1NG 17 4U70M471C4LLY W17H0U7 3V3N 7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17.

B3 PROUD! 0NLY C3R741N P30PL3 C4N R3AD 7H15. PL3453 F0RW4RD 7O OTH3R5 1F U C4N R34D 7H15 .........


I'm one of those people who love letters and numbers just about equally. This makes my day.


ecm said...

Congratulations on your new acceptance! Just wanted you to know that I read your blog every day, and though I'm not usually leaving comments, I appreciate your posts so much. I like the different articles, tips, and things to think about. Thanks!

Oh--shortest rejection time: The New Yorker (surprise, surprise). I think that was as long as it took the post office to get it across the country and back. . . .

Jessica Goodfellow said...


Good to hear from you! The New Yorker, that is a surprise! But you should try them again....