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Monday, January 2, 2012

In Praise of Lenovo

So one exciting thing that happened to kick off my New Year's Eve Day was that my brother-in-law ran his minivan over my laptop. Don't ask how it happened. It was a moment of chaos where any number of things could have gone seriously wrong (things worse than a ruined laptop, which is bad enough), and nothing did, for which I am extremely grateful.

It was with trepidation that I took my Lenovo ThinkPad out of its carrying case to find no visible damage to its body. There had been some paperback books stacked on top of the laptop in the carrying case, which may have helped (thank you Andrei Codrescu, Beth Ann Fennelly, and David Bottoms). Then I opened the laptop and turned it on. It immediately began sending me messages about restarting the system and the trauma it had suffered (okay, trauma is my word, not its, but it "knew" something bad had happend) and some of the keys were stuck in the down position. I unstuck all the keys, answered the questions of the start-up program, rebooted it, and....everything is working fine. It's two days later and still, no problems.

So I just wanted to praise and thank Lenovo (who bought this line from IBM and apparently haven't changed anything about the system) for their durable product. And I want to remind everyone to back up their files more often than ever...I hadn't backed up about a week's worth of work, and will not let it go that long again. Also, if you are in Japan and want to buy a computer with an English OS, Lenovo has them (and Dell too...I've had one of each...the Lenovo is far superior).

I plan to be more grateful this year, and to express my gratitude more often, and here's one of my first chances.

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