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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary to this Blog

I started blogging exactly one year ago today, so it's my blog's birthday, or anniversary, or something.

In the past year, I've had over 20,000 hits, though for the life of me I can't figure out why or who.

However, my life is heading for some big changes. As of February, I am going back go school part-time, online, to prepare for some of the challenges facing my family. I'm not sure how much time my studies will take, but I know my days will be stretched in a myriad of new ways. Additionally, my sons' activities will double their number of meetings per week starting from the second week in February, further filling up my schedule. Plus my part-time jobs and all. Oh, and last month I started volunteering a couple of days a month.

Basicallly, I suspect that I will be posting less often. And I've been requested to include more information in this blog about my life in Japan, so I am thinking about how to manage that. Anyway, things will be changing.

I hope you'll all continue to check in with me now and again, and I'll try to be here, who knows how often. Thanks for your support thus far.


Carol said...

Happy Anniversary! I love this blog!

I hope you don't mind me saying, but it's your blog and you should decide what you wanna blog about.

Just my cheerful rah rah two cents!

But really, good luck with your classes and changes with your family life. It sounds heavy. Will be thinking of you...

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Thanks, Carol. I love your blog too, with its distinctive and pensive personality.

I will blog about what I want to, but have to admit that since I have gotten so used to living abroad, I may ignore that aspect of my life when it might be interesting to others, particularly if I can stick to topics of language and how it affects my life to live in a foreign language. We'll see.

Thanks for your support.

Mari said...

Jessica, of course you should blog about what you want to blog about! I just know that I'm especially compelled by your more personal posts because through them you integrate the various aspects of yourself—poet, ex-pat living in Japan, mother, etc.,—which enriches my reading experience. I will keep checking in because your blog's one of the few poetry blogs out there that consistently offers helpful information to poets and isn't simply a virtual journal. I wish you well with your online classes, family situation, etc.—all sounds challenging—and hope you'll reach out for support if you need/want it! You have my email address. Happy Anniversary to Axis of Abraxas...

ecm said...

Your blog post is always a highlight in my day. Thank you for your insight and sharing. Congratulations on one year, and best wishes for those to come!