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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Poets Who Parent

Poet Todd Fredson, partner to poet Sarah Vap, posts at the Passages North blog Writers on Writing about how parenting has changed his writing. He recalls being told by poet Albert Rios, about parenting and writing, "You won't believe how much you will be able to get done!"

Does that sound different from your practice as a parent/poet? (It sounds a lot different than mine!) Then check out Fredson's comments for a look at how he uses his time with children to keep his writing moments to a shorter period, but his turning-over-ideas/lines-in-his-head to a longer term. See the other ways he thinks that parenting has enriched his writing by teaching him to be less fasitidious, hesitant, and prone to self-rebuttal.

As for how content has changed for Fredson as well as practice, click on the above link.

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