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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poetry Shots

YesYes Books has just released a new project: Poetry Shots. Poetry Shots, brainchild of KMA Sullivan, are poems paired with original artwork in a downloadable format. The first five offerings match the following poets/artists:

Ben Mirov/Eric Amling
Dana Guthrie Martin/Ghangbin Kim
Dorothea Lasky/Kaori Mitsushima
Metta Sama/Mihret Dawa
Angela Veronica Wong/Megan Laurel.

You can even get a free EP to get a sampling and see what Poetry Shots are all about.


Shawnte said...

I always loved when my poems got paired up with an artist's visual image. It was exciting to find your familiar poem in a new context.
That's one of the aspects that online journals were able to explore more easily.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Got any links, Shawnte? I'd love to see them.