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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Books and Birds

Photo from the Honolulu Zoo website

The only good thing about having a really bad headcold is that I don't want to do anything active, so here I am at my blog sharing a few fun things with you.

First of all, check out Brian Dettmer's altered books. What this guy does with a surgical knives to turn books and maps into wildly original pieces of arts is indescribable. Click on the link, and then in the menu at the top, select "Images" and you will have an eyeful.

Second, one of my favorite birds in Japan is called the mejiro, which means "white eye" (me, pronounced may, is eye, and jiro, pronounced jeero, is the combination form of the word for white (shiro)). We have mejiro in the early spring in the bushes and trees around our place, and I love them for their unusual green color. I was in fact surprised to learn their name from a neighbor, as the white circles around their eyes are not the features that stood out to me. Anyway, this week I noticed that the mejiro is the bird on the 50-yen stamp, which you can see here. When drawn, the white circles do seem more prominent than in nature.
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Photo from Honolulu Zoo website

Above you can see two photos of mejiro from the Honolulu Zoo website.

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