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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friends Helping Friends

Once again, from Diane Lockward's excellent monthly newsletter I borrow another link, this one to a Yahoo! Voices article by Angie Mohr entitled "A Bestseller in the Making: 7 Ways You Can Help Your Author Friends."

Do you have a friend who's just published a book, and do you want to be as supportive as possible? Mohr gives hints how to help, ranging from the obvious (buy a copy of the book), to the more subtle (face the book cover out, not spine out, on bookstores you visit), to ones I'd never thought of (bump up positive Amazon reviews by finding them "helpful," and bump down negative ones by not by marking them "not helpful"). She also advises on how to use social media to promote your friends' work.

Most of us writers do have publishing friends, so this is a great resource.

What else have you done to help a friend promote a newly published book?

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