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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Insomniac is Back!!!!!!

I have some exciting news: my first full-length poetry collection, The Insomniac's Weather Report, is back!!!!!!!  After winning the three candles press First Book Award, The Insomniac's Weather Report subsequently went out of print when the publisher suddenly closed down (after more than 10 years of service to poets and readers). It was a devastating setback, but happily fortune has reversed itself with the following good news.

Thanks to Paul Rossiter's Japan-based Isobar Press, a brand new edition of The Insomniac's Weather Report will be available in June 2014. Anyone wishing to preorder a copy can send me an email from my website. It will also be available on Amazon at a later date. I'll give you more details as the project progresses.

Isobar Press is, in its own words, interested in "work in English by Japanese and non-Japanese authors who live (or have lived) in Japan, or who write on Japan-related topics. The focus, at least initially, will be on poetry, including both original writing and translations from the Japanese." This is a welcome addition to the poetry universe, and an exciting development for me. Three cheers for Isobar!


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Thanks, Tressa. It's very gratifying and exciting for me.