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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rushing Towards Rejection

“Rejection should be rushed towards. Rejection has to be faced.” Dan Savage
There’s no art in giving what you have. The art is giving what you haven’t got. The gift of empty hands.   Anna Kamienska, Industrious AmazementOkay, so this advice from Dan Savage was about relationships, not writing, but there's still validity here.
Rush towards rejection in your writing. Face the hard subjects, the demons, the projects that are going to make you uncomfortable, and make those who love you uncomfortable. (And, by the way, get over yourself--they probably won't be as uncomfortable as you think they will be; your writing is not the center of their life just because it's the center of yours.)
Rush towards rejection in submitting. Dare. The worst that can happen is that you are told No. That's it.
Rush towards rejection in other opportunities you are offered. This where I am weak. I write boldly, submit fearlessly (submitting is a relatively private matter after all), but other opportunities that come my way I am timid about accepting. Because I'm afraid I will let down those who ask me. Or embarrass myself in front of a readership or listenership. This is definitely the area that I need to learn a sense of abandon, a sense of rushing towards rejection.
Rush towards rejection. It might not happen, but even if it does, you'll probably (in the long run) be glad you dared instead of endlessly wondering if you should have.


Tressa said...

Good advise, especially as rejection and success are usually in the same direction.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Also a good point, Tressa!