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Sunday, April 21, 2013

What's Neat on the Net VII

Today, from the internet:

1. LibraryJournal has compiled a list of five interesting things libraries are doing with old books. In Austin they're making them into crafts, and in England they're making them into art (and if you wonder about the difference between arts and crafts, have a look--it'll be immediately apparent, though both are great ideas.) In the Netherlands, they've made a library desk from recycled books, and in Virginia they are cutting the books up into prompts for personal history projects. Gainesville, Florida libraries (my old stomping ground) is restoring patron's old and personally-important books for them.

Have a look at this article and it's accompanying pictures with links. Such good ideas.

2. The Ploughshares blog has an article about rejection entitled, "From the Slush Pile, Have You Got What it Takes?" It's another reminder that rejection can be more about the sensibilities of the editor than about the quality of your work (with compelling examples provided), so if you believe in your work, keep sending it out. And if you're not sure, revise revise revise, and then keep sending it out. The article cites gender differences in this attitude as well (men send out more) so read the whole thing if you could use some encouragement.

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