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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Words that Woo Me

Words that, if they are included in a title of a book/poem/essay, will compel me to read that book/poem/essay:

1) a number, any number (or the word 'number')
2) saint
3) blue
4) salt
5) lightning
6) perpetual
7) falling


Sandy Longhorn said...

Yeah, I've got that number thing going on as well. What's up with that? Also saint and insomniac...see what I did there?

Hope you are well.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

The number thing is, I think, the specificity, love of it.

Saint and insomniac--yes, I see! ; )

Also, falling does it for me but not fall or fell. Fallen, maybe.

Brendan said...

cool, I have sent chapbooks to contests (none of them won) with the titles: In the Apple's Womb we are all Saints, Blue, Falling, Counting Backwards from Pi, if only you were the judge of one of those... :)

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Brandon, Apples is another one of the words that should be on my list! Love your titles! We clearly think in the same vein.

Hope you keep sending out you chapbooks--your titles are great!