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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kabocha Puree

This is the last thing I'll post today, and it's not about poetry, it's about pumpkins, so poets and writers, skip this post. It's for the US expats living in Japan who will have a dilemma when trying to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving next month.

If you do the Thanksgiving thing, you already know that canned pumpkin has not been available for the past couple of years. I have made my own pumpkin puree using kabocha (the local pumpkin variety) and have tried both using my oven to roast it, and boiling the pumpkin. Both methods worked okay, and I made some super delicious pie based on my sister Jamie's yummy recipe (which I may post later in the month, if there's interest).

Anyway, today I happened upon a culinary blog by an expat in Japan who writes about cooking (called I'll Make it Myself), and her topic here is making kabocha puree. She seems more invested in cooking than I am, so I'm going to follow her recipe this year (which allows both for the baking and the boiling methods). Just thought you'd like to know, if Thanksgiving abroad is a challenge for you too.

(We made our jack-o-lantern last Sunday evening, and good thing we enjoyed it this week, because it totally rotted. We had to toss it this morning, nearly two weeks before Halloween! Darn this global warming that rots jack-o-lanterns more quickly than in my youth!)



Leah said...

Thanks for the endorsement and for linking to my blog! I hope the recipe helps out others in pumpkin-less places.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Thank YOU, Leah, for your inspiration for us ex-pats.