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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Happy to report that brother in Philadelphia and sister in New Jersey and their respective families are fine after Hurricane Sandy. Brother reports some yard cleanup necessary, and sister has cosmetic damage to home and is without power. Sister is at a neighbor's house (neighbor having a generator) for those of you who have been in a panic about having lost contact with her. Neighbor also has cell phone coverage, while sister's went out.


Be well.

UPDATE: Sister and co. in car on way to brother's home to stay for awhile.


Mari said...

I'm glad to hear your family stateside is safe and well. What a mess out there... astonishing images of devastation. So much loss, so many reaching out to help others in need. I'm sending my version of prayers to all who are enduring the wake of this calamity. Best to you, Jessica... xox

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Thanks, Mari. My family was very lucky, though still without heat.

Mari said...

Oh, boy... and it's getting colder. If they have electricity: space heaters... Sending all good wishes.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Hi Mari,

My sister has been without electricity for 8 days. She stayed with friends for awhile, till their electricity went out. They stayed in the home of friends who went on vacation who had a backup generator for a bit. She stayed in a hotel. She went back home, finally got electricity, and within 7 hours the nor'easter hit and she is without power again. She had two little girls, and apparently they are having a rough time.
My husband was in the Great Hanshin Quake, and was without water or power for over three months, beginning in January,so he really knows how much my sister's family is suffering.
It's all so tenuous. But we haven't lost anyone in the family, not even any significant property damage, so we have to focus on that.

Mari said...

Your husband's experience in the Great Hanshin Quake certainly puts everything into perspective. I do hope your sister and family members regain power soon, and continue to be safe and well, despite daily stressors and the press of the unknown. Sending all good wishes...