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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Congrats to Mari

Friend and poet Mari L'Esperance is interviewed by J. P. Dancing Bear on Outofourmind's Posterous. You can listen here, by clicking on the 6/9/12 show (hover over the number, and when it becomes an arrow, click on it, and you can listen without going to iTunes).

Mari also co-edited a forthcoming anthology with Tomás Q. Morín called Coming Close: Poets Pay Tribute to Philip Levine as Teacher and Mentor (University of Iowa Press, 2013).

Congratulations, Mari, on many things, poetic and otherwise!


Mari said...

Jessica! I just saw this post -- thank you so much.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

It's such a fruitful wonderful time of your life, Mari! You're an inspiration!

Mari said...

Jessica, I could say the same for you -- school, teaching, new poems... I'm grateful that we can inspire one another. In all honestly, I feel like I'm flailing in the dark over here, but know it's a temporary trough while my life retools and next steps become more clear. Thank you again for the post, and for your support, always.