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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Need a peek into the future? Here's an oracle you can count on: Biobilomancy Oracle, curated by poet Reb Livingston.

What is bibliomancy? Here's Livingston's description: "Bibliomancy (sometimes referred to as stichomancy) is the use of books in divination. The concept is that literature contains “truths” and speak to matters of great importance. This Oracle selects passages from its database using a random generator. The idea being that meaningful texts are offered via synchronicity. The relevant message finds you. You only need to be open to receiving it."

Basically, you ask the Oracle a question, and then a random generator chooses a quote from a trove that Livingston has assembled, and which you are to apply to your question in whatever way seems appropriate to you.

Good fun! Try it out.

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