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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Universe on Fear

Synchronicity: after posting about fear yesterday, everything I read seemed to be on the same subject, almost as if the universe had something to say to me (which I don't really believe, that the universe has any special messages for me, but it almost seems so sometimes...) So, in the off-chance you didn't get enough of my fear-obsessing yesterday, here's a bit more:

From an interview with Lucille Clifton:

"Every day there is something that would make you afraid, and you have to try not to let it stop you. That's where the honor is. Honor is not in not acting because you are afraid. Nor is there honor in acting when are you not afraid. But acting when you are afraid, that's where the honor is."

And from The Art of Happiness by HH Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler (which is not a very well-written book, I have to say, though it is still interesting to read):

"In the Dalai Lama's system of training the mind and achieving happiness, the closer one gets to being motivated by altruism, the more fearless one becomes in the face of even extremely anxiety-provoking circumstances. But the same principle can be applied in smaller ways, even when one's motivation is less than completely altruistic. Standing back and simply making sure that you mean no harm and that your motivation is sincere can help reduce anxiety in ordinary daily situations." (Emphasis via italics belongs to the original authors.)

I found these helpful. I've already done something today that I was dreading dealing with, and these notions helped me cope. But now I sound all touchy-feely, so I won't post on this subject again. For awhile. It'll come back, I'm sure, being who I am and all. Thanks for your patience.

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