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Friday, October 28, 2011

Rock Stacking

My sons are interested in doing science experiments, so we subscribe to The Happy Scientist newsletter by Robert Krampf, which links back to his latest post on his website, This week's post is about rock stacking.

Krampf discusses the center of gravity (which my best friend Leslie kindly explained to me many times during college, when I repeatedly fell on the icy walks--I cannot say that I ever took her advice to lower my center of gravity by crouching down; instead I continued to tumble.) Krampf also provides photos of amazing rock-stacking feats (three of which I include here).

I could tell you that rock stacking is good training for writing, but really, what is it NOT good training for? So instead I will leave you just to enjoy these breath-taking photos, courtesy of The Happy Scientist.

If you have any rock-stacking stories, how you've done it yourself or if you've run across it somewhere unexpected, please share.

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