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Friday, October 21, 2011

No Theme

I just read that D. A. Powell is placing his papers in Emory University's Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Books Library. I've never researched using a writer's papers, so maybe this is a dumb question, but what are these papers? Early drafts, notes, journals, correspondence, that sort of thing? Doesn't he still need them? And doesn't he mind people going through them while he is still alive? Just wondering....

Also, Marie Howe is interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air today. Click on the link to hear her discuss the loss of loved ones, growing up in a large religious family, and all sorts of topics you can easily relate to (or I can, anyway). Hear her reading of a generous number of poems, including "What the Living Do," and you can read a few more poems at the NPR page, such as one of my favorites, "After the Movie."

There is no theme to today's post. No theme at all. Except poetry, that broad one.

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