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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Poem Flow

I don't have a smart phone. I had to be frightened into getting a cellphone by the idea of my kids roaming around the city on their own, unable to reach me. But even at that, I got just the basic deal.

So I've felt left out of all the cool poetry apps that smart phones can access. But no more. It turns out that Poem Flow, a poem-of-the-day iPhone app, is also accessible from my very own PC (and yours). Click on the link above to see the text of a poem float slowly by you. If you wait, you'll then be treated to yesterday's poem, and the poem from the day before...

You can also turn the phone 90 degrees to see the entire text of the poem at once, if you desire (and this option is helpful when you want some clarity about the linebreaks).

There are (as of today) 567 poems in the archive (those of you who know me well know that I am jumping up and down saying "567, it's a small straight, a very small straight!"), including the work of poets such as Matthew Zapruder, Joshua Corey, Brenda Hillman, Dara Wier, Li Po, and more more more. (Today's poet is Ernest Hemingway. Who knew?)

The smart phone is looking more like a useful item to me now.

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