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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creativity & Lists

So we've established many times on this blog how much I love lists.

Now I've found some like-minded individuals who argue that lists are good for creativity. Not the usual stereotype of the artist, but I like it: artist as listmaker, or is it listmaker as artist?

Anyway, here is Jane Friedman at her blog discussing List Making and the Creative Process.

Friedman cites an article at Glimmer Train by Yelizaveta P. Renfro, called Making Lists (Renfro won an award from Black Lawrence Press, a press whose writers I almost uniformly admire.) This article is amusing for we listmaking types, plus gives some good ideas, and she cites many other famous listmaking writers.

So I'm now off to make my lists for today. We are going hiking, so that involves a list of what to pack for the picnic, what to pack for the hike, and everything else that must be done today. Yay!


Samantha said...

I'll find any excuse to make a list. I know. I'm a little lame.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

I'm with you, Samantha. I have a master list of all my lists.