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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winter's Rattle

Rattle #46

I have new work out in Rattle, volume 46, a poem called "Wakening" about the loss of my uncle on Mt. McKinley. Thanks to Tim Green, who chose the cover art by James Bernal with a view to my poem.


drew said...

Good to see you in Rattle, Jessica. And with a great complementary photo. Bravo!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Thanks, Drew.

Laura Foley said...

Congratulations Jessica! I vividly remember a powerful poem, on this subject, you shared with us last year. And, yes, great complementing photo!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Hi, Laura,
The poem in Rattle is from the same project as the poem you saw a version of. That poem is coming out in Valparaiso's next issue though. I'm making progress on that project. How's your work going?