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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fluid Identities

My very first post on this blog, nearly four years ago, was about mishearing and misreading words. As I continue to have these experiences, I've been chronicling them in the Comments Section of that first post.

But today's mishearing is just too good not to offer it on its own. So here it goes:

Today I misheard "Gore Vidal" as

----------------------------------wait for it!-------------------------------------------

" Barbie Doll."



Laura Foley said...

Ok, I've been reading all of the mishearings you've been posting over the years, and I'm laughing to tears, here in this coffee shop in snowy Vermont, around the globe from you.

From now on I will also try noticing this thing that happens to me too, all the time....
Thank You for the tears and laughter!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Laura, if you start keeping track, please do share. Here or elsewhere. I love mishearing/misreadings!