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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Video Recommendations

So I've had a little time to watch some of the videos I linked to earlier this week, and am ready to recommend a few.

From this link, try video #2, by radio great Ira Glass, about the gap between recognizing what is good and being able to create at this level yourself, and how not to get discouraged in the years of work that it takes to bridge this gap.

Also try video #7, by best-selling memoirist Elizabeth Gilbert. I didn't like her most recent book, Eat Pray Love, myself, but I loved this speech about re-envisioning the creative genius in a way that takes the pressure off artists, by imagining that creativity springs from outside the self rather than from within--an idea that on its surface I would expect to find repulsive, but in fact, after hearing her explanation, find really refreshing.

I haven't finished watching, so there may be more recommendations later.

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