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Monday, May 28, 2012

Word Play a la Bryson

Fun stuff from Bill Bryson's The Mother Tongue (the British edition).

Palindromes are at least 2000 years old (who knew!). Ancient Greeks put this one on their fountains: 'Nispon anomimata mi monan opsin', which apparently translates as "Wash the sins as well as the face." (p. 224)

Some fun anagrams cited by Bryson include:
circumstantial evidence = can ruin a selected victim
a stitch in time saves nine = this is meant as an incentive
William Shakespeare = we all make his praise
mother-in-law = woman Hitler
(p. 227)

Feel free to share your favorite palindromes, anagrams, or other sorts of word play. I love them!!!!


Shawnte said...

My favorite band, Soundgarden, once put out a limited edition EP titled Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Shawnte, that exact palindrome is mentioned in the Bryson book! I wonder who got it from whom?